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Frequently Asked Questions

Thank you for your interest in selling local products through Fresh Nation. We pride ourselves on working with local food makers and grocery chains to promote local food and support local growers, producers, and communities. Our goal is to increase shoppers’ access to local food by making it easy for large grocery chains to organize, order, and stock a full range of food items that are local to each of their stores, while also providing additional sales outlets for local food makers. Fresh Nation does not warehouse products and works with each supplier to arrange direct delivery to grocery stores and/or distribution centers.

We are none of the above! We like to consider ourselves a local food advocate, in that we work directly with local vendors and our clients. We only work with local vendors, and we only buy local goods. Our goal is to make local a permanent category that is accessible to everyone— whether they live in an urban city or small town.

There are several aspects that set us apart from brokers and distributors. Instead of handling one aspect of the process, we provide comprehensive grocery store manager services - from pitching your products to grocery chains, placing orders on behalf of the stores, and marketing your products to customers. Additionally, as a company that only sources local, we understand that the needs of smaller local vendors are different to those of national manufacturers. We work with our vendors to fully highlight, feature, and tell the story behind their local products through in-store and online marketing initiatives.

You set your wholesale prices, delivery costs, and order minimums. Act as if you’re selling directly to the grocer or wholesale client. Fresh Nation does not mark up your products and the prices you set are the prices our clients pay. Fresh Nation will receive all grocery store orders and then relay them to you for fulfillment.

FreshNation takes a fixed percentage service fee on payments to our vendors. There are no hidden fees, no annual fees, no slotting fees, no marketing fees. If we don’t bring you sales, you don’t pay us.

We are one of the first companies to work and specialize within the framework of local in each area where we operate. And currently, we are the only company to provide fully integrated sourcing, management, and marketing services in the area of local— a category usually defined by our grocery clients as products produced, grown, or made within the state or within 200 miles of the grocery store.