Disrupting the Grocery Industry

Our Virtual Supply Chain creates new marketplaces for specialty and local products.

We make it easy to get local and specialty products in the hands of distributors and grocery retailers.

  • VSC technology creates a transactional marketplace connecting grocery retailers and distributors directly to tens of thousands of local and specialty food vendors.
  • The VSC provides an endless aisle of items that can be shipped directly to retail partners.
  • We provide national distribution for our partners, and the VSC lowers the cost of distribution of specialty foods.
  • There is minimized risk of inventory shrinking with the VSC.

"VSC is a bridge between thousands of smaller specialty brands and the largest grocery retailers and distributors."

Antony Lee

Founder, Fresh Nation

Our Values


Reducing Our Carbon Footprint

More efficient supply chains require less infrastructure and reduce usage of fossil fuels.


Utilizing Technology to Solve Problems

We approach previously unsolvable supply chain complexities with a technology first approach.


Creating New Manufacturing Jobs

New brands, previously shut out of conventional distribution and sales, can grow their businesses.

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